What we do...

What we do…

It’s difficult to summarise the high degree of interaction you’ll get from our DJ Steve, so we’ve put together a more detailed page and a sample children’s disco party schedule…



This is a rough run down of what you can expect for a standard 6 to 8 yrs old children’s party running from 2pm to 4pm. I haven’t listed everything we do as it varies on how the children respond, also, it’s nice to have surprises!

13:15 – We arrive, introduce ourselves and ask where you’d like us to set up.

13:55 – Everything is set up, bubble machine* is going and current pop music is playing in the background as your guests arrive. The bubble machine is great for younger kids as it draws the “clingy” ones away from mum and helps them to settle in with everyone else.

14:05 – You confirm the guests are here and the party starts…

14:05 – Steve gets all of the children to come and sit with him in a big circle on the floor. He introduces himself to the kids and explains what’s going to happen this afternoon including when tea will be. He then get’s the birthday boy or girl to stand up and step into the middle of the circle. He and the guests then sing happy birthday.

14:10 – 1st game. Something to encourage a bit of activity! Aimed at the age range of the kids in attendance.

14:20 – Dance time. A nice “routine dance” with Steve out front showing the kids how to do it.

14:25 – Another game. Something set to music this time. Instructions are given and they have a little practise go first, to make sure everyone understands. Sweets (Jelly Babies) for prizes with this one!

14:35 – Have a listen to this…? Steve plays the theme to Strictly Come Dancing and asks if they know what it is. They all shout out the answer! They’re going to do a dance competition, but first they need some judges! The kids are sent off to find 2 ladies and a man to be judges. Instructions are given to the adults and kids re judging the winners (- we’re looking for 2 x best girls, 2 x best boys and 2 x best efforts) and they’re off! It’s the Cha Cha Slide. Steve’s out front again, showing them the moves. Then it’s Jack turn as he show’s them another more modern dance. Judges confer and prizes are given.

14:50 – Time for another game. This one’s got action and music, along with lots of frantic running around. The birthday boy or girl is the star and leads off the first session. Sweets for prizes again.

14:55 – Dance time. Another nice “dance routine” with Jack out front showing the kids how to do it.

15:00 – Tea Time!!! By now the kids will be hot, thirsty and ready to have a sit down with some food and drink. We play slightly slower, background level music whilst the kids are eating. We’re also busily setting up for the second session. Once you’re ready to bring out the cake, give us the nod and we’ll fade down the music and lead them into singing happy birthday.

15:20 – Time to party again! Limbo this time, how low can they go? Great opportunity for photos!

15:30 – Game time! Another fast paced music based game or maybe something slower depending on how the kids are.

15:45 – Dance time. Another nice “routine dance” with Jack out front showing the kids how to do it. This time it’s the Big Fish! Loads of actions – Can they keep up?

15:50 – We’re almost at the end now and it’s time to break out the inflatables! Time to make a rock band from all of the guests with guitars and microphones to help set the scene for singing and playing along! We’re out there too with a real microphone so they can hear themselves singing along!

16:00 – The end! The inflatables are gathered back in and the birthday boy or girl given the chance to thank all their friends for coming and then it’s three cheers!

16:45 – We’ve finished packing up and it’s time to go home.

*bubble machine – some halls don’t allow the use of the bubble machine so you need to check first. Also if the weather is particularly wet it can cause problems in making the floor very slippery. We don’t want anyone hurting themselves.